A Cultural Village

Client: Glasgow Life
Location: Dalmarnock, Glasgow
Time: 2010

As part of the annual 'Inspiration Festival' for children and young people in Glasgow, Stone Opera designed and delivered the workshop 'Cultural Village'. Dalmarnock is an area largely effected by the upcoming Commonwealth Games in 2014. The workshop gives participants an opportunity to think about and design for different cultures, like the shiny people living in shiny houses, the red people living in red houses, the round people living in round houses, etc. All cultures live in the same street, as shown in the urban model for the cultural village.

  1. creating of a round house
  2. an overview of the village
  3. the village street with a bus stop
  4. discussion about urban design
  5. red people in front of their round houses
  6. round people in front of their round houses