A Sensory Corridor

Client: Architecture + Design Scotland
Location: St. Machar's Academy, Aberdeen
Time: 2011

As part of a big community project by National Theatre of Scotland, Architecture + Design Scotland was asked to facilitate workshops for a secondary school, inspired by the theme 'disorientation'. Stone Opera designed and delivered ' A Sensory Corridor', built by students of St. Machars Academy in Aberdeen. The corridor is a sequence of 5 rooms, each effecting one of the senses while experiencing the spaces. The rooms are made of every day materials like plastic cups and bicycle tires. The Sensory Corridor was reassembled and became part of the stage set of 'Nothing to See Here' by National Theatre of Scotland.

  1. Enjoying the wool room
  2. 5 sensory rooms
  3. Using touch
  4. Making the shiny room
  5. Fixing the ceiling
  6. Exploring the sound of the plastic cups