A Temporary Labyrinth

Client: Architecture + Design Scotland
Location: Kingsford Primary School, Aberdeen
Time: 2010

As part of a big community project by National Theatre of Scotland, Architecture + Design Scotland was asked to facilitate workshops for a primary school, inspired by the story of Icarus. Stone Opera designed and delivered ' A Temporarily Labyrinth', built by all pupils of Kingsford Primary in Aberdeen. The labyrinth is made out of pipes and joints, normally used as plumbing material, and stretches to all walls of the gym hall to 9 x 16 metres.

Please enjoy the result by viewing the film below, underneath the images.

  1. Why a labyrinth is different from a maze
  2. Enjoying the labyrinth
  3. nursery kids enjoying the labyrinth
  4. T-joint
  5. The labyrinth
  6. Learning how to draw a labyrinth