Alloa Town Centre Regeneration

Client: Clackmannanshire Council

Clackmannanshire council has successfully applied for the Town Regeneration Fund in the summer of 2009 and has asked Stone Opera to be part of the team that will deliver.

The regeneration will be cultural led and will involve national and international artists working with local materials like glass, ceramics and metal. Stone Opera was responsible to make the link between the artists, the architects and the planners, to provide for a coherent process. The artwork will represent and celebrate the historical industries that once made Alloa a busy place in the last century. Eventually the new cultural dynamic will attract visitors and investors, will feed into the economics and will make this town as busy as it used to be.

  1. Regenerated town centre of Alloa
  2. One of Rob Mulholland's sculptures
  3. Sign design by Keiko Mukaide
  4. Work in progress by Louise Martin
  5. Historical reflections by Alec Galloway
  6. Old maps in ceramic tiles by Bill Brown