An Architectural Icon

Client: Lighthouse
Dennistoun, Glasgow

Related to the Gillespie, Kidd and Coia exhibition in the Lighthouse, this workshop was to make pupils at Primary School in Dennistoun aware of an architectural icon, a church by Gillespie, Kidd and Coia, in their area.

The Lady of Good Council Church in Glasgow is well known for it’s outstanding decorative brickwork and colourful lights. The pupils were asked to observe and record this through drawing and photographs. Eventually they reproduced and designed their own brick patterns on a larger scale and these were built and presented on the alter of the church. At this presentation, not only the pupils, but also the parents and the local community were involved.

As an outcome the pupils are able to express their observations of their built environment and are now aware of the presence and quality of an architectural icon close to their school.


  1. making patterns with smaller 'bricks'
  2. exploring brick patterns
  3. taking the big 'bricks' to the Gillespie, Kidd & Coia church
  4. playing with big brick patterns