Create your Commonwealth Map

Client: Glasgow Life
Location: City Halls, Glasgow
Time: 2012

For the Inspiration Festival 2012, Stone Opera developed a large Commonwealth map, highlighting the participating countries for the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

On the floor we started the day with an empty canvas and a mountain of wooden building blocks. The game was to pick a card with the name of one of the 54 countries, it’s flag and number of inhabitants. Participants then created a house from the building blocks, painted it in the colours of the flag and positioned the house in the right location on the new map on the floor.

Participants could also animate the floor map by drawing land and sea animals.

The end result was a large Commonwealth Map created by young people and their parents, reresenting different cultures living in Glasgow.

  1. Painted houses in colours of the Commonwealth flags
  2. Working together
  3. Where is Britain on the map?
  4. Where will I put this one?
  5. The British House
  6. Sitting on Australia
  7. Samoa Houses
  8. Houses in Africa
  9. Houses in Britain
  10. That looks about right
  11. Let's make a big house together
  12. Painted houses in colours of the Commonwealth flags
  13. Let's locate this country on the map
  14. Houses in Africa
  15. Drawing the Commonwealth map
  16. I'll show you how to do this
  17. Houses in Africa
  18. A colourful sea of houses
  19. Houses in Britain
  20. It's a family effort
  21. Drawing sea life on the map
  22. The end result was a new Commonwealth map