Design your own Maggie's Centre

Client: Maggie's Centres and Architecture + Design Scotland 
Location: Scotland
Time: 2013-2014

This is a call for an exciting school project! Stone Opera developed the design brief and resource pack for schools to design their own Maggie's Centre. The architectural design competition is for Standard Grade and Higher pupils. The competition adds value to the current school curriculum as it touches upon Health and Wellbeing and combines Design, Science and Technology. It will provide a great opportunity to develop research and presentation skills, to introduce architecture in the classroom and to inspire pupils who have an interest in design. Kirsty Wark and architect Richard Murphy will judge the competition entries. The winner will be awarded a week long work experience at Richard Murphy’s architecture practice.

For more information and to download the design brief and resource pack, please go to the website of Maggie's Centres and/or Architecture+Design Scotland.

  1. Model of the Maggie's Centre in the Highlands
  2. Explaining what a plan drawing is
  3. Atmosphere at the Gartnevel Maggie's Centre in Glasgow
  4. Sketches of the Gatehouse Maggie's Centre in Glasgow
  5. Maggie's Centre in Dundee
  6. Model of the Gartnevel Maggie's Centre