High Street exhibition

Client: Architecture + Design Scotland

Location: Scotland
Time: 2011-2012

For the design of the High Street exhibition at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, Stone Opera teamed up with Suisse Design. As a team we believe the original success of the Scottish High Street was the interaction of people playing out the daily theatre of life against a specific and unique architectural backdrop.

The design of the Exhibition reflects this contrast between bygone eras of High Streets past with the modern digital era controlled by the barcode. Through the media of film people tell their High Street stories from the perspective of shoppers, shopkeepers, to policymakers and academics. A recording of a visit to 15 Scottish High Streets is projected onto the expression of the ‘throwaway society’ of the paper bag.  The graphics show the rise and decline of the Scottish High Street through time. Both films can be seen on this page underneath the images. Please enjoy.

The exhibition at the Lighthouse is now closed and will start traveling around Scotland after the summer 2012.

The exhibition has been awarded 'Best Exhibition' at the Scottish Design Awards 2012, which was announced in May this year.

  1. Overview of the exhibition at The Lighthouse in Glasgow
  2. Graphics showing decline in retail
  3. Film projection on paper bags
  4. Entrance to the exhibition
  5. Artefacts from the old High Street
  6. Exhibition opening
  7. Wee girl responding to film projection
  8. Recording interviews
  9. The exhibition in The Barony in West Kilbride
  10. The exhibition in The Barony in West Kilbride