Interaction Kilmarnock

Client: Kilmarnock Schools
Location: Scotland
Time: 2012-2013

Nine schools in East Ayrshire each started a design competition for a temporary structure. The competition will run through the whole school year 2012-2013 resulting in a series of nine structures designed and built scale 1:1. Stone Opera will coordinate this project and will work together with students from Mackintosh School of Architecture.

  1. Art and Technical teachers from East Ayrshire schools joined the first workshop
  2. Stone Opera facilitates one of the school launches
  3. Exploring initial design ideas
  4. A model is presented and discussed
  5. Pupils presenting their work to fellow pupils
  6. All schools presented their final design to a professional jury
  7. A structure for a mobile cook school
  8. A professional judging panel with Kirsty Wark
  9. The award winning teams