Labyrinth in the Briggait

Client: Architecture + Design Scotland
Location: The Briggait in Glasgow
Time: 2011

After the success of building the labyrinth in Aberdeen and with the spirits of Cedric Price in mind, the labyrinth is back, this time in The Briggait in Glasgow. The structure is made out of plumbing material, pipes and joints, and is for everybody to see and enjoy until the 11th of April.

The labyrinth was built by pupils from Blackfriars Primary School with assistance of architectural students from Strathclyde University.

  1. The labyrinth at The Briggait
  2. Enjoying the Labyrinth
  3. T-joints and Elbow joints
  4. Building the Labyrinth
  5. The labyrinth at The Briggait
  6. Plumbing pipes