Client: MAKLAB
Location: The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Time: 2012-2013

Stone Opera delivers workshops at the new MAKLAB at The Lighthouse in Glasgow. MAKLAB is Scotland’s first community digital fabrication workshop, allowing you to make all kinds of physical things, to learn, and to share the knowledge with others. The workshops are for small businesses, community groups, schools or any other group of interested people. Please be in touch if you'd like to book a day of learning, exploring and fun.

  1. MAKLAB workshops
  2. designing together
  3. checking the 3d printer
  4. using 3d software
  5. creating a batman necklace
  6. to match with the outfit
  7. the big laser cutter
  8. looking at Glasgow
  9. Glasgow East End architecture
  10. playing on the computers
  11. proud of the end result
  12. proud of the end result