Me in the City

Client: Glasgow Life
Location: The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Time: 2011-2012

For the Inspiration Festival 2011, Stone Opera organised the workshop ‘Me in the City’, which involved 3 schools within Glasgow.

With the City of Glasgow is preparing for the 2014 Commonwealth Games the pupils produced icons which represent Glasgow on the city map, like the Riverside Museum, George Square, Hampden Park and the Armadillo. In a series of 4 workshops pupils explored the local area of their school and how this relates to the wider city of Glasgow. Once their area was put on the map, each school zoomed in on a ‘Stalled Space’; a derelict site, close to the school and made designs for this.  The workshop closed with a city centre event which integrated the school’s proposals on a giant interactive mega-map of the city, making connections between the selected forgotten spaces, the new Transport Museum, the Armadillo, the Glasgow Games venues and with the other schools involved in the project.

One of the designs for the Stalled Spaces will be taken forward to become a live community project. We're hoping to realise this in 2012.

  1. Workshop logo
  2. 'Me in the City' game
  3. school pupils playing 'Me in the City' game
  4. Pupil making icons for Glasgow map
  5. Icons for local school map
  6. Design for a basketball court on a Stalled Space
  7. Design for a Maze on a Stalled Space
  8. Discussing the large map of Glasgow