Community Participation

Stone Opera facilitates Community Participation for regeneration and new developments. We can play a key role in the process of understanding and implementing change, working closely with the client, the community and other stakeholders. We consider this process of community engagement a dialogue, not a monologue.

Through architectural led workshops we give people a voice and ability to play a role in the process of the design of their own environment. This will generate a feeling of ownership and pride. Getting actively involved will help the community to maintain the feeling of belonging and will generate a sustainable solution for the future.

We also provide CPD sessions for companies and organisations.

Workshops involve raising awareness of the built environment, understanding of architectural design and most importantly, having fun. Most of our workshops involve building models to scale or even structures scale 1:1.

Every workshop will be tailored depending on age, numbers, situation and context. Below you'll find some example projects we've delivered.