Life size building blocks

Client: British Council, Creative Scotland, Scottish Government
Location: Venice
Time: 2012-2013

Together with 3 other practices Stone Opera has represented Scotland at the Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2012. For this event we have developed a life size architecture building block kit to explore and play with architecture. In the beautiful walled garden of Saint Alvise in Cannaregio, Venice, we played with architecture, working together with young people from the local Ludoteca and the assistance of local architecture students.

In February 2013 an exhibition at the Lighthouse in Glasgow will show the projects of the 4 Scottish practices. In March 2013 The building block event was repeated, this time with a local primary school at the Barras Centre in Glasgow. Currently the building block kit will be available for groups of young people to play with. Just be in touch and let us know your interest.

The other selected practices for the Architecture Biennale are Pidgin Perfect, Do and Gras.

Please enjoy the images and film below.

  1. building an arch!
  2. completing a window
  3. prefabricating a curve
  4. cardboard arriving from England
  5. building together
  6. discussing a door opening
  7. playing together
  8. making architecture
  9. Critical Dialogues publication by Jonathan Charley
  10. excited to get started in Glasgow
  11. building at the Barras
  12. exploring patterns
  13. proud of the end result
  14. that was fun!
  15. arches everywhere