Shaping Schoolhill

Client: Stewart Milne Homes
Location: Portlethen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Time: 2012-2013

For a large development in Portlethen, Stone Opera will work closely with Keppie design to create a new masterplan. We will deliver an engagement process with the local communities, allowing them to express their ideas and ambitions for their built environment.

  1. discussing the location
  2. a strategy for a new town centre
  3. Schoolhill on a sunny day
  4. designing a street
  5. Schoolhill on the map
  6. I live in this area
  7. the first phase of Schoolhill is nearly complete
  8. making your own street
  9. with high towers
  10. designing a street
  11. invitation sent by mail to join a consultation event
  12. and places to play and sit
  13. with big mansions
  14. having a closer look
  15. a preferred selection for new amenities
  16. possibilities for Schoolhill