Sustainable Play Ground

Client: Hermitage Primary School

The existing play ground is in need of a refurbishment and the pupils were asked to help with a sustainable solution. Next to a play area, there was demand for a quiet area and amenity space for growing vegetables and vegetation to attract birds and bees.

The pupils were given flags to mark their existing play ground on qualities, good areas, shade, shelter, sustainability, but also on aspects that they didn’t like and where they could see improvement. The flags had drawings, images or text on them to allow them to express their thoughts and ideas. A scale model of the play ground was produced and used to translate the design ideas. 

The head teacher is, with the results of the workshops, now able to apply for funding for a new play ground. One of the most remarkable and promising outcomes was that the pupils expressed their wish to look after the new play ground, once in place.


  1. a suggestion for flowers in the playground
  2. marking opinions with flags
  3. collecting ideas for a playground
  4. discussing ideas
  5. all ideas combined in a drawing