What we can do for you

Hello, we are Stone Opera and specialise in improving the relationship between people and their built environment through interactive and playful architectural workshops, film documentary, architectural design and community events. We work with all sections of society including schoolchildren, elderly people, politicians, contractors and designers. Most of all we believe playing with architecture should be fun!

“Question your teaspoons. What is there under your wallpaper? How many movements does it take to dial a phone number?”
From Species of Space and Other Pieces by Georges Perec

Play is a key method that we use to engage people with architecture. It is through play that people learn, explore, experience through doing and accumulate knowledge in a manner that overcomes normal fear and apprehension.

Our objective is to increase people’s awareness and knowledge of the places and spaces they inhabit and to involve them in how they are both made and used.

Stone Opera has a team of architects that all have experience in architectural education, community consultation and architectural design. Together we’re an enthusiastic team that can deliver.