Where We Play

Client: Architecture + Design Scotland
Location: Dalmarnock, Glasgow
Time: 2010

What is your favourite place to play? What time was your favourite play time? Participants from different ages, from 8 till 78, asked each other these and other questions about our urban playgrounds. The answers give an insight to how spaces for playing have changed over the years, not just in a physical sense, but also in how we remember them, how they relate to the surrounding built environment and social cohesion, and how they can be improved. Participants brought their favourite object to play with and shared their memory of playing. Recordings were made of participants of different ages interviewing one another resulting in an engaging film about where we play.

A series of images and a film were produced as a result of this project. These were exhibited at The Lighthouse from October 2010 till March 2011.

  1. Interviewing each other about playing
  2. Ideas for playing in the future
  3. Everybody brought their favourite play
  4. Bringing back memories about playing
  5. Cards with photos of playing in old Glasgow
  6. Interactive exhibition at The Lighthouse
  7. Everybody brought their favourite play object
  8. Bringing back memories about playing